Educational Resources For Homeschool, Private and Public School Children  (K-12)

Educational Resources For Homeschool, Private and Public School Children (K-12)

Below are some of our favorite K-12 educational resources. Whether your child attends private, public or a homeschool program, you are sure to find something on this list that is beneficial to their development. If you know of other resources, please feel free to comment below. Also check back from time to time, as we update this list whenever we discover new resources.

Local Homeschool Program

If you reside in Oklahoma and want to partner with a local charter school, please check out EPIC Charter School at Epic has been simply amazing! I'm grateful for the homeschool educators who shared this little gem with our family! If you choose to use EPIC, please let them know that we referred you.


Blended Curriculum (Math, Science, Language + Social Studies)

Standardized Testing Prep



Scholarship App

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)/STEM



Prior to enrolling in a credit recovery program, please check with your local school to ensure that the credits can be transferred to your child's resident school.

I hope this helps all of the parents that are interested in homeschooling. If you know of other resources or have questions, please comment below so we can all grow. Thank you! 

May 11th 2019

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