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Organic Illipe Butter

Organic Illipe Butter

Sep 2nd 2019

Pure Illipe Butter (Available at our Del City Location)

Illipe butter was first produced in Southeast Asia and Borneo where the Illipe tree, or Shorea stenoptera, is a thriving staple of their beautiful and flourishing rainforests. It is between the months of October and January that the flowers of the illipe tree begin to bloom and produce nuts that contain the fat that is illipe butter. During this period, the nuts fall from the tree and are collected from the ground – they are never picked from the tree. After being collected, the nuts are left to dry in the sun until they can be easily separated from their outer shell. The nut is then expeller pressed to extract a solid, light-yellow to creamy-white butter with a mild nut-like odor.

Illipe butter has been used for its cosmetic and therapeutic purposes in its native lands for centuries. Its physical properties and composition are actually quite similar to that of cocoa butter. However, illipe butter has a higher melting point than cocoa butter, so it is often selected over cocoa butter in formulations that require higher melting points, such as bar soap, lip balms and lotion bars. Though solid at room temperature, illipe butter melts upon contact with skin and is becoming a popular ingredient in a number of body care products due to its regenerative and moisturizing properties.

Illipe butter can be found in soaps, lipsticks, creams, sunscreens, foundations, conditioners, and balms. Illipe butter protects against UV-A and UV-B rays, so illipe is found in products promoting sun protection and relieving sunburn, while its skin softening and long-lasting moisturizing properties make illipe butter a good choice to help repair chronically dry, cracked skin.

Other skin care products that utilize illipe butter are geared toward mature skin to help against premature aging and to restore skin elasticity. Illipe butter has also been used to heal sores, mouth ulcers and dry, damaged hair.

Before using products that contain illipe butter, it is important to understand where this butter comes from and the benefits it provides or issues it could initiate. The benefits of illipe butter to the health, well-being and youth of skin are vast, especially when combined with other natural ingredients. However, illipe butter does originate from a tree nut, and those suffering from tree nut allergies should not use products containing this ingredient in order to avoid a possible reaction.